How to be the best woman?


Many young women become single at some point in their lives, especially after leaving the relationship was very significant for them and then they stay single much too long planned, they make men cute smart and beautiful and not understand why no contact not rise and depth beyond flirting lightly with passionate sex and enthusiasm as it rises so it decreases remarkably promising start to connections but get stuck every time at the same place, more or less, it always happens at that point.

Many women turn me on this issue so let’s find out together why this happens, but before we understand what let’s first define what they are looking for, what you’re looking for …

I do not know you personally but I am sure that you want someone to understand you, but not just understand you, to be your best friend because you are no longer a child, you’ve some relationships in your life, you know true friendship is the basis of any good relationship, certainly have contact intimate, it took a while to understand but all the penny drops that sooner or later. When you understand it, you become happier. When you
become happier you become healthier and it can even cure some sicknesses. It can eliminate tonsil stones, fight diarrhea, and help hemorrhoids.

So it is important to have a true friend so you can tell him of the most profound and intimate yours, so it will not be just sex, or coitus interruptus, but the realization of true love between two souls, a deep connection and filled with a look in the eyes says it all, it is not in vain really reading love in the Bible “to know” is not about a meeting of two bodies, it is the meeting of two souls who know each other, they have to meet the body, they do not meet for the body but through the body.
You want someone I knew it, “you, with all that implies.

So we said it would be a true friend and beyond intimacy will also be someone you can count on, discreet and yet also fun, not only deep and serious all the time that too much of anything it becomes foul and sometimes even too heavy, so you want to make it too amusing side , light, flowing, you want to be with him even when you’re flirting for months together, you do not feel that it will become routine too quickly.

Do you want to be one to tell you things about his life, to share with you, you do not want to feel that only the one who talks all the time because it’s annoying. Need two to tango.
Another very important thing, it will be a male figure is dominant in your life, you do not want a child to want to have kind of a father like that, teacher, mentor, someone you can consult with and rely on his judgment, maybe even admire, like to love you but also will reset and will Affairs and cuts when necessary, do you sometimes when you’re exaggerating Rist or losing the north.
Siflik love.

You want it to be a lot of things and that is legitimate, feel sure he wants to.

The problem comes after you left the relationship is … relationship where you would have a man like that, the experience of a great love that you gave your heart, you gave yourself over to the end that still did not know Scsnfrdim it is sometimes worse than death, that are dead but still survive and indeed experienced tremendous love like in the movies but leaving that context, the experience of pain is very great, too great pain, a pain that you feel like to experience again.
Although a reasonable man would not want to experience such a thing again deliberately.